Are There Really Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy?

solar energy

Solar energy can be used to create electricity, central heating, heated water, cooking, and even for producing salt desalination. Solar energy comes from the suns rays. Solar energy is known to be very environmentally friendly. However, when the suns rays move into the earths atmosphere it is quite dilute.

Although solar energy is known to be very environmentally favorable it does not only have advantages, but some disadvantages, as well. Lets hash out some of the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy.

Why don’t we start with the main advantage of solar energy. Solar energy is clean. To develop electricity or heat with solar energy you need only the sun rays. There is no need for fossil fuel in conjunction with sun rays to produce electricity or heating. You simply need a solar energy collector or solar power panels in order to collect the suns solar energy.

Solar energy is less expensive than traditional electric heating. That’s another prime reward of solar energy. Just by utilizing solar energy you can save a lot of money on heating. In return you will realize smaller electric bills and it also means that you dont have to maintain heaters or furnaces.

If you live in a rural area where there are no power-lines solar energy can be your solution. There are rural areas where power companies have no means to access your home. Solar energy is a great alternative because it provides you with everything from heating water, a supply of electricity, and even cooking, and that pretty well covers all of the bases.

Another great use of solar energy is for desalination in regions where fresh, potable water is scarce. Solar energy evaporates brine and leaves the salt crystals in the bottom of the basin. The water in turn condenses into another basin where it is now potable.

While all of the above-mentioned is very useful, solar energy does have some disadvantages. These disadvantages also need to be talked over to paint a complete picture.

The main disadvantage of solar energy is that its dilute. Which means that you need to have a bunch of solar collectors installed around your house. Solar energy may be very cheap but the solar collectors are relatively expensive and require regular upkeep in order to work properly and efficiently. If you decide to go with solar energy you will need to calculat your return on invested capital in order to know if the investment makes sense.

One big disadvantage is that you need the suns rays to make use of solar energy. If you are situated in a part of the world where there is not much sun light then you could have a bit of a problem. In other parts of the world, the suns rays are almost always covered in clouds making solar energy collectors less efficient. You should first know if the sunshine in your area is abundant for the most part of the year. Of course if you live in desert areas like in Arizona or New Mexico the sun produces a lot of sunshine for the majority of the year and is ideal for solar energy collecting.

Finally the sun only shines during the day. Therefore if you need electricity or hot water during the nighttime, like many of us do, it can be a problem. You will need a backup system like the local electric company or you will need to store the electric for later use. There are battery systems available, that can store electric for later use.

Solar energy is very clean and an substitute to conventional heating and electrical systems. this is true it is also good to mention the disadvantages of solar energy. If you are thinking about applying solar energy you should read this first to make a informed decision.

The advantages of renewable energy definitely outweigh any disadvantages. If you’re like me, and sick and tired of paying electric bills, that just keep doing through the roof, you may want to check out solar panels.

What Are the Advantages of Solar Energy? Economic and Environmental Benefits of Using Solar Power

solar energy

In order to effectively understand the advantages of using solar energy, you need to get to know, initially, the ways solar energy is being generated. There are basically 2 forms of solar energy. We have the thermal solar energy and light solar energy. Thermal energy is believed to be an inactive solar. Its form of energy is made possible through the planning and the parts utilized to construct a house. If you incorporate windows that face the south and the objects that conduct heat, such as stone and brick, you could be able to reduce the energy you use and create energy efficient formation. The thermal energy generated through green solar power is utilized to warm water for solar hot water systems. The radiation coming from the sun creates light and heat which is seized by solar panels to generate electricity for home use.

The major known utilization of green solar power is to cutback spending. Though green solar energy components come with a huge opening investment, but you will rip the benefits in years to come. This is so because it will provide additional electricity for your home use or all of the day-to-day electricity which your home requires. If you make your own solar panel, partaking in government refund and net metering, that is a system whereby you sell the electricity which you do not need to utility power firms. It will aid to lower the expenses of running a solar energy system, that is one of the economic benefits of using solar power. Again, solar energy systems need small to no upkeep maintenance after you have finished setting it up, due to the fact that majority of them require no moving components.

The environmental benefit of using green solar energy is because it is environmental friendly. Considering the fact that our planet is in peril, that is the polar ice caps are decreasing and climate change is producing tragic storms worldwide, it is necessary we take action to reduce global warming and our reliance on fossil fuels. Solar power produces a clean energy, due to the fact that it produces small pollution and it doesn’t add to global warming.

Green solar energy systems can be used by homes and businesses alike. If going solar cannot meet all of your energy needs, it can certainly reduce them. Utilizing green solar energy can save you money, but its greatest benefit is to the environment and our future.

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Advantages Of Solar Energy – Build Your Own Solar Panels

solar energy

Advantages Of Solar Energy – Build Your Own Solar Panels

Solar power’s advantage over other renewable sources may not seem overwhelming at first glance, but with a little time to study you will soon see why more and more American’s are switching to solar power.

In nearly any neighborhood around the World, if you look closely enough you’re very likely to find someone supplementing their power with solar panels. Today, I’ll be sharing my research and experience with solar and why I’VE chosen to use it for my home’s “green” energy.

Why Solar Energy?

Solar energy is a renewable and inexhaustible source of powerful energy that is derived from the sun. Science tells us that the Sun isn’t in jeopardy of dying on us for at least a couple of billion years. Luckily, the complete lack of environmental pollution leaves us in a great position. With a little knowledge, solar power can leave literally ZERO impact on the ozone… Try that with “traditional” methods.

This power source is one of the only that is regarded the world over as being truly clean and safe. Another advantage of solar energy is its versatility. Batteries, cars, trams, satellites and more can easily be powered with it. It’s compatibility is what makes it so wonderful, you can easily replace, or supplement nearly any energy source. For example, with a wind generator and a few panels you can EASILY live completely off the grid.

A few other advantages of solar energy

Whether you install the panels on your roof, behind your home, or somewhere even more discreet, you immediately benefit from very long operational life spans. Most solar providers guarantee their panels will last all the wear and tear the environment can throw at ‘em for at LEAST twenty years. The electricity that solar home system will generate will be done silently and as a result you need not fear noise pollution.

During the long summer months, when you can enjoy abundant sunlight, the utility bills can get slashed by up to 90%. It can take a year or more to cross your “pay-off point” (the cost of the panels) but after that moment, you’ll know that you’re literally MAKING money every month instead of throwing it away. With the right planning, your solar energy farm can even make you money!

Power companies are required BY LAW to pay you for the excess energy you produce. Take the right steps, and start raking in the cash. You may not think of it at first, but your photovoltaic cells (solar panels) will actually keep your house safer by adding one more protective layer to your roof; reducing your heating and cooling costs, and extending the life of your home. And that’s a wrap! There are many other benefits to using solar energy, but that’s all I have off the top of my head for now.

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Home Solar: The Advantages Of Home Solar Power

solar power

Home solar power is often considered as the most effective means of reducing your electric bills. If you wish to benefit through solar power energy, you need to be well aware that a home solar option is readily available through online stores. If you are tired of unreasonable power cuts and wish to benefit through a regular supply of electricity, you need to take advantage through home solar options. Listed below are a few advantages of opting for solar power energy.

Home Solar Power Is Readily Available

Solar power energy is abundant in nature and it is also said to be a renewable source for power generation. Hence, when the need of the hour is to pick suitable home solar power systems, you need to research well and then apply your facts to good use. Home solar options can be had through the means of a secured site and while most may appear expensive, there are a few which are really inexpensive and long lasting as well. Home solar power systems are also considered essential to meet your energy requirements as they are promoted by the government agencies.

Solar Power Energy Can Be Harnessed Through Your Backyard

The second advantage of a home solar option is that it can be harnessed through your backyard. Home solar power systems work on the basis of assembled kits which can be obtained through the means of the World Wide Web. Solar power installations can be ordered online. They come in the form of a kit, which has an instructions manual as well. Simply follow the manual book and you can ensure that your solar power installations are in perfect order. Solar power kits have the ability to be used and built from home. Hence, they can be utilized by just about any human being-you need not be a technical viz to harness solar powered electricity from home.

Solar Power Cost Is Very Low

The third advantage of setting up a home solar power option is the saving in terms of electricity bills. Solar power cells, which are used in producing electricity, are affordable and long lasting. Once you have them installed in your roof, you can be rest assured that they would carry on for the rest of your life. You only cost is the initial purchase of the solar powered kits and the installation charges. Nowadays, there are solar power kits which are available for under a hundred dollars. Such options can be had through the means of a reputed online manufacturer only. Thereafter, the total cost of power generation is nil and you not only generate power for your home, you also never actually spend a dime while doing so.

Solar Thermal Power Is Pure

With the rise in air pollution and the reduction in the ozone layer, the chances are that your conventional sources of energy may prove to be a hindrance to the future generations. This is when solar thermal power comes into picture. Over here, not only are your electric bills reduced drastically, you also have a chance of keeping your environment neat and tidy. This is so as solar energy is a clean energy resource and it does not emit any harmful chemicals in the atmosphere. Hence, whenever solar energy is produced from home, it is considered a blessing in disguise for the environment.

Solar Power Cells Are Noiseless

As compared to the usual sources of energy, the solar power cells, which are generally used in a solar powered grid, are noiseless in nature. Hence, if you are using solar generated power for your household uses, you are indirectly saving your environment from excessive noise pollution. At the same time, the energy which is generated is never wasted and can be easily stored for future use.

Solar Energy – Advantages And Disadvantages

solar energy


What is the main motivation behind using solar energy?

Indeed, thousands of people are intrigued by the idea of using solar energy to reduce the carbon footprint left back in the environment. But, like many others all around the world, you are not sure whether you know all solar energy advantages and disadvantages.

If you find yourself stuck in this situation, then this is the article you are looking for. Therefore, I do advise you to dive into the information mentioned here to be able to stay away from any undesired results.

How does solar energy work for homes?

Now, before we discuss the main benefits and drawbacks of solar energy, one has to quickly understand how solar power works for homes. First of all, you will need to have a set up, which involves solar roof shingles, inverters, batteries, and wiring. When all are in place, solar roof tiles absorb the heat from sunlight and convert it to home solar power.

So, what are the advantages of solar energy?

Indeed, the greatest benefit is that you will not be adding to pollution, which is one of the greatest current threats to our environment. Specifically, you do not need to worry about environmental problems, e.g. carbon dioxide emission and global warming, when you opt for utilizing solar energy.

Well, what would be the second great benefit?

In fact, another advantage of solar energy is that it is being obtained from a renewable source. Can you ever think of the Sun getting extinguished or sunlight getting depleted like the level of fossil fuels in the world today?

Well, this condition is not going to come up for thousands of years. Therefore, we can utilize solar energy for working all the warming and electrical devices at home with no culpability of leaving nothing for the forthcoming decades.

Does solar energy offer a good effect on the economy?

Thinking about the existing down economy, an additional aspect of solar energy is that you can decrease the price of your power bills. Consequently, this can make you significantly richer each month.

And now, what are the drawbacks?

The principle problem is that solar roof tiles can create energy only any time there is sufficient amount of sunlight. Quite simply, throughout days when the sky is cloudy and at evening times, solar energy can not be originated.

How can one overcome this drawback?

To be able to keep away from this challenge, you will have to go for photo voltaic roof shingles. They will not only generate solar energy, but also store them in the photo voltaic cells. Consequently, you can still use this form of clean energy even if the sky is cloudy.

Is it an ideal solution?

To be honest with you, there is no ideal solution for a problem. Indeed, in case you are willing to enjoy additional benefits, then you will have to pay for this accordingly. In other words, the last option is a good one, but it is relatively expensive.

And now, it should be clear for you what the message about solar power advantages and disadvantages is. Though the involved drawbacks, I would recommend it for you to go for using this clean kind of energy. It does not only save money for you, but it offers a better environment for the future generations.