Choosing the Best Solar Panels for your Home or Business

solar panels

Solar panel technology has come a long way. When solar panel technology first came on the market, it was extremely expensive and not nearly as powerful as the technologies available today. With the demand for renewable energy rising, it is more feasible today to have solar panels installed on your home or business than ever before.

Once the decision is made to switch to solar power, there are many factors involved in choosing solar panels for your home or business. While the higher cost of certain products may make them seem undesirable, there are factors that can make the cost of good solar panels go down. If they have an excellent warranty and lifetime rating, it might make sense to spend a little more money. In many cases, it is cheaper to spend a large amount up front on a great product from a reputable company than to spend lots of money fixing and replacing a cheaper solar panel product.

Another factor that will affect cost is the solar panel size, measured in watts per hour. For instance, a 100 watt solar panel will ideally produce 100 watts per hour. The higher watt capacity of a solar panel, the larger the panel will be, making space another consideration. When planning for solar panels, be aware of how much roof space is available. Also take into consideration that the northern facing roof is the most ideal location for solar panels in the southern hemisphere.

There are generally three types of solar panels on the market for choosing. Amorphous silicon is thin, and therefore a cheaper choice of solar panel. However, more space is needed to install amorphous silicon panels. They are also more effective in higher temperatures, so location is another factor to consider. Poly-crystalline panels are more efficient and smaller than the amorphous silicon solar panels. Finally, mono-crystalline panels are the smallest and most efficient on the market. These panels are well suited to cooler conditions when exposed to full sunlight. Replacing solar panels before their lifetime will double your operation costs, so it is important to install the correct type of panel the first time.

Choosing solar panels as a means of energy is a great decision that can help keep your home or business off the grid, and even supply energy to the power grid resulting in energy credits. As more and more people choose to install solar panels, they will become even more affordable to own and operate. The most affordable way to use solar panels is to do the proper research and choose a great product that is right for your location and conditions.

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