Solar Powered Wind Turbine – How to Build a Solar Powered Water Heater at Home

solar power

Solar Powered Wind Turbine

Solar and Wind Power

Polar caps are shrinking fast and if we don’t act quickly it won’t be long before they disappear. Solar Powered Wind Turbine

Shrinking polar caps are not the only effect of global warming. The emission of green house gases, such as carbon dioxide in excessive amounts over the years has put the earth’s ecosystem in danger. Carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere through many sources, but none bigger than burning of wood or fossil fuels.

Before the situation reaches the point of no return, it is best we do our bit to reduce our carbon footprint and save the ecosystem. Using solar and wind power to produce electricity and for other purposes augurs well for both, earth’s ecosystem and us.

What is solar power and advantages of using solar power to generate electricity?

Solar power is the energy derived from Sun that is converted into electrical or thermal energy. Here are top 5 reasons why you should switch to solar energy:

Solar energy is free of pollution – Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy does not pollute the earth’s atmosphere by producing harmful pollutants. Solar energy is a clean alternative to traditional energy sources, one which will never run out.
Solar energy is cost-effective – Besides reducing the emission of greenhouse gases, solar energy is also instrumental in reducing your utility bills. Many people wrongly believe that using solar energy is costly. This misconception is primarily there because of high cost of installing solar panels.

While agreed, setting up solar panels require a substantial amount of investment, however, in the long run the investment is handsomely paid. Once you install solar panels, you are assured of virtually free power for a minimum of 20 years, and studies show that at best it takes 12-15 years for solar panels to payout themselves. Solar Powered Wind Turbine

Solar panels require little or no maintenance – Solar panels are nearly maintenance free. In comparison to conventional energy appliances, solar panels have less moving parts and that is why they require little maintenance. Once you install solar panels, all you would need to do is inspect them once a year.
Solar energy gives you a constant flow of electricity – Come rain, hail, or storm the solar energy provides you electricity. When you use solar power you also say goodbye to power cuts.

Other uses of solar energy

In addition to using the solar energy to produce electricity for your home, you can also use solar energy for other purposes, such as to distill water, to dry crops, and to cook food.

Solar Distilled Water – You can use solar energy to purify water. The solar energy heats the water, and when the water vapor evaporates they condense on the surface of the glass from where they can be collected. You can use solar distilled water for drinking or for other purposes.
Sun-drying – Sun-drying is used for reducing the moisture content of agricultural products, such as beans, chili, corn, dried banana et al.

The procedure is similar to the one used in distilling water. Air is made to flow into a heated tray and when the hot air moves out of the tray from a chimney, it also takes the moisture content with it.

Solar oven – Sunlight can also be used for cooking. Solar ovens are available that allow you to easily cook food using the sunlight as the fuel. Solar Powered Wind Turbine

Babcock Ranch in Southwest Florida is trying to become the worlds first city powered completely by solar energy, but critics say it can’t work with current plans.

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